ETH049/19 Full withdrawal of legacy high bandwidth services

22/07/2019    For Information

This briefing is for Ethernet Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform all CPs about the full closure of a selection of legacy platforms, previously withdrawn from sale and that no longer have any active services on them.

Our high bandwidth portfolio has expanded significantly since the formation of Openreach. A number of earlier products have now been superseded by newer platforms and improved technology, and therefore have become redundant to customers. Although these services have already been withdrawn from new supply, and have no working circuits remaining, contractual references, price list entries and product collateral still exist.

This briefing is to make you aware that after the 20 August 2019, 28 days after this briefing, these products will be removed from Openreach documentation and presentation. They will be archived for future reference.

Impacted products

The products that no longer have an installed base and will be removed are:

•   OSA ADVA FSP2000      Forerunner to the current OSA FSP3000 Filter Connect product,

withdrawn from new supply March 2012.

•   OSA Nortel                    Forerunner to the current OSA FSP3000 Filter Connect product,

withdrawn from new supply May 2016.

•   TDM Backhaul              TDM version of Ethernet Backhaul Direct (EBD),

withdrawn from new supply May 2016.

•   Bulk Transport Link      1G EBD aggregation service used for first generation LLU backhaul,

withdrawn from new supply May 2016.

This briefing supports ACCN OR593


This briefing provides 28 days notification of the changes to the Connectivity Services Contract. The notified contract documentation supporting the launch can be found here

The notified updated BTL and TDM Backhaul Product and Process descriptions are available from

The following documents will be removed from SINet ( following the end of the 28 day notice period.

  • SIN 481 Bulk Transport Link (BTL)
  • SIN 510 TDM Backhaul Bearer          

SIN489 (Optical Spectrum Access OSA) has been updated and will be available here

The notification also includes contractual text relating to the OSA Filter Connect and EAD minimum period briefings and a price list typographical adjustment.

More information

If you've any questions about this briefing please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.