Discover our infrastructure build and value add services

Infrastructure build

Our infrastructure services let communications providers and developers connect new and existing sites to our fibre network.

Our full fibre infrastructure build (FFIB) brings the Openreach fibre network to the places you need it. A fibre connection means you can future-proof each site – it will handle current and future services without needing expensive upgrades. We’ll install the infrastructure you need to connect to any communications provider you choose.

Through the Building Digital UK (BDUK) scheme we’ve invested heavily in our network to bring fibre broadband to more people. That means there are now even more places you can access passive fibre, cabinet space, and our duct and pole infrastructure (using our Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) product).

Value add services

Our value add services team help to differentiate the service you offer your customers by coordinating single orders and groups of orders on your behalf. They’ll update you on each order’s status, tell you about delays and how to solve them, and help you keep the orders moving.

They often help with complex and important orders, and clients tell us it’s an extra service they really appreciate for orders that really matter to them.

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