Product roadmap

01 Apr 2022

Our product roadmap shows changes we’re planning to our portfolio. You can use it with the latest EIP comms to find new business opportunities, and plan how to take advantage of future changes.

The roadmap changes regularly, and we update it every quarter.

What’s in the roadmap?

It shows what we’re planning for:

  • Ethernet services
  • copper products
  • fibre broadband products
  • product services 
  • optical products.

You’ll find details on scheduled developments, product trials, regulatory and contract-driven activities, and product launches and withdrawals. We classify things by type, including enhanced functionality, portfolio management, service and service impact.

Dates in the roadmap are product launch dates, not the EMP release cycle. Also, the products we outline in the roadmap show our view at the time and the dates reflect our current schedule. They can change as we develop them and receive feedback.


  • Let your customers know about new products and opportunities.
  • Make better plans by knowing if products are going to change in the future.

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