CCTV Access

27 Nov 2021

CCTV Access gives high-quality video connectivity between remote CCTV camera locations and a central control room. You can use it for security and safety monitoring, public transport route monitoring, road congestion monitoring and access control.

This product isn’t available to new customers

We stopped selling it on 31 July 2019, and we expect you to have stopped using it, or to have a migration path in place, by 1 August 2020.

You can find out more about this in briefing ETH020/19.

  • CCTV Access provides high-quality video connectivity for up to eight video channels over each circuit. It includes two-way audio so operators can communicate with people at camera locations – for example, talking to people near the camera. 
  • For most circuits, the A-end will be at the control room and the B-end will be at the remote CCTV camera. But you can also have the B-end in the control room. 
  • The phase alternate line (PAL) encoded video signals from the cameras can be transported in uncompressed (analogue) or compressed (digital) format. If you use digital, then you’ll also need to consider signal latency, signal regeneration and integration into a larger network. 
  • We provide remote telemetry for service monitoring.

You can’t use this product to connect:

  • your customers’ sites, or to another communications provider
  • from a customer site to an exchange point of presence (PoP). 

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