Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) Withdrawal


How do we move smoothly onto the digital network?

BT Group announced in 2017 that the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) would be closed down in 2025.

As Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) relies on the PSTN, that means Openreach will no longer offer or support WLR products (that enable own-brand phone service on our network using our copper cables and networking equipment) by the end of 2025, as we move to new digital, internet-based (All IP) services such as FTTP, SOGfast and SOGEA.

We’ll stop selling new WLR across the UK from September 2023. And as we continue our full fibre roll out, we’re also winding down the range of copper-based services we supply.

The following Openreach products will therefore be withdrawn as part of WLR withdrawal:

WLR3 analogue                 WLR3 ISDN2

WLR3 ISDN30                     LLU SMPF

SLU SMPF                            Narrowband Line Share


This is an exciting challenge and it’s vital to understand the impact of the digital upgrade on your business.

How will we do this?

To help us prepare for the digital upgrade we will stop selling analogue phone lines to new customers in a phased way by September 2023 across the UK which means in some locations where we’re building FTTP, we may stop selling WLR before that time.  For more information on stop sells, please follow the link here.

We’re also working closely with communications providers and industry bodies to build an inventory of line connections to determine the impact on end customers and collectively work through any migration challenges. This is where we really need your help and insight – and that’s why we’ve set up working groups to help gather this knowledge. By working together, we can deliver the best outcomes for industry and end customers.

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Trial Policy Documentation 

Salisbury and Mildenhall WLR3 contract termination policy

Click here to check Salisbury and Mildenhall WLR3 contract termination policy document.

Salisbury and Mildenhall CP engagement policy for end customer contact July 2022

Click here to check Salisbury and Mildenhall CP engagement policy for end customer contact July 2022

WLR Contract Withdrawal in the Trials – What will happen to any remaining WLR Assets after April 2023

Click here to check what will happen to any remaining WLR assets in the trials after April 2023


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