Specialist access services

04 May 2021

Specialist Access Services – Street Access and Broadcast Access

With our Specialist Access Services you can get reliable connections for whatever your business needs. We have two products – Street Access and Broadcast Access. So we can deliver high-quality connections wherever you need them.


Street Access

Ethernet for outdoor sites that need to be connected: bus shelters, lamp posts, cabinets and more. We connect local exchanges and your point of presence (PoP) locations to small, hard-wearing terminating units where they’re needed.


Broadcast Access

Use our fibre network to transmit broadcasts using recognised video transmission standards. This allows video conferencing, video transmission for popular live events, and video and media content streaming to TV and post-production studios.


Street Access

• Offers reliable 100Mbps and 1Gbps bandwidth outdoors. And the network terminating equipment (NTE) is tough enough to withstand a whole range of temperatures and weather conditions. 

• Delivers connectivity to street furniture locations for 4 and 5G network coverage in urban areas.

• You can terminate multiple circuits onto a single hub NTE at the local exchange or PoP location.


Broadcast Access

• Integrates with TV, media and production companies’ existing video equipment and networks.

• Lets you easily reach remote locations across the country.

• You can carry video simultaneously from different places: stages, games and venues. 

• You get fast content sharing with this high-bandwidth point-to-point service. 

• Video conferencing helps cut down on travel and carbon footprints.

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