1.  What is Sabor?

Sabor is a major upgrade that will provide you an improved web experience to raise orders, ceases, faults and manage your inventory. It will replace OR Siebel.

2.  What products does Sabor support?

You can use Sabor for the following products:

  • Dark Fibre orders and faults
  • Ethernet EAD and EBD orders and faults
  • GEA Cablelink and Multicast orders
  • OSA faults
  • PIA

You may still need to use OR Siebel to manage inflight orders.

3.  Where can I find Sabor?

Provided you have the right permissions, you will find Sabor on your Dashboard page under Active Tools. If you can’t find it, speak to your CP Admin.

4.  Is there any difference between OR Siebel and Sabor?

On OR Siebel the OR Reference prefixes with 1- or 2- and on Sabor that will change to 3- or 4- prefixes

5.  How do I make changes to orders or faults?

If you have an OR reference beginning with 1- or 2-, then use OR Siebel

If you have a OR reference beginning with 3- or 4-, then use Sabor

For inflight orders and faults, if you cannot see the product in OR Siebel, then you can use Sabor.

6.  Can I use Sabor for all my orders and faults?

We will work with your Operational Lead to agree a date from when you can use Sabor only even if the order or fault was raised on OR Siebel.

7.  How does a CP user access Sabor?

Users must have access to the Openreach CP portal (see our Single sign on support page) and login in once. CP Admins can then request access  for OR Siebel / Sabor with the Openreach Service Desk.

Once completed, the CP Admin can activate Sabor and the CP User will find Sabor under Active Tools.

8.  Are there any user guides?

Ethernet user guides are available at

Dark Fibre user guides are available at