Full fibre infrastructure build (FFIB) for projects across multiple sites

27 Nov 2021

FFIB brings our network to sites where you need it. It gives communications providers and corporate customers a future-proof fibre connection that’s ready to go.

Our builds reach all the way to the network terminating equipment (NTE) in the building. The fibre infrastructure can carry all fibre services, including gigabit broadband, Ethernet and optical high bandwidth services.

FFIB is passive, which means it doesn’t include any services: you’ll need to buy these from your choice of communications provider.


  • You get full fibre using our existing network and ducts. So there’s no need to dig up streets.
  • Bring fibre closer to residents and businesses so they can get it more easily.
  • A ready-to-go fibre connection makes houses and apartments more attractive to buyers.
  • We’ve designed FFIB to seamlessly blend with our existing network. This keeps things simple for local government maintenance and upgrades, and gives access to the full range of speeds and network products.
  • A futureproof fibre connection means you won’t need expensive infrastructure upgrades to get future services.

FFIB Pricing:

FFIB pricing is based on Openreach architecture design principles and unique to each solution modelled. Based on your request we will generate a price based on the requested locations, site volumes and existing infrastructure to create a price for you.

Once delivered the FFIB infrastructure supports all Openreach fibre services for which the pricing below will apply.

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