07 Apr 2022

We can’t always predict or control problems like broken fibre cables or optical failures. But our resilience products mean that if the worst happens, you’ll be back up and running as soon as possible.


Protection if something goes wrong

If there’s a cable, equipment or node failure in our network, you’ll be able to move your traffic on to the other fibre path. 


A choice of products

We have two resilience products available. So if a circuit fails you can choose fast, automatic switchover, or switch to a second one manually.

  • Option 1 (RO1): We install a secondary, diversely routed path from the same building. If the primary path goes down, the secondary one will automatically activate within 50 milliseconds.
  • Option 2 (RO2): This comes with two sets of network terminating equipment, each with a single diversely routed path which you can house in different buildings. If something goes wrong on the primary path, you can manually switch traffic to the secondary one.


Peace of mind for you and your customers

Your customers will know their critical applications are in safe hands – we have more than 21,000 installation and repair engineers available whenever they’re needed. And because you’re using a single supplier for both your main and resilient circuits, it’s easy to manage. Plus you’ll save time and money.



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