Industry Consultations

12 Nov 2021

This page provides information on Industry consultations and documents.

Exchange exit pilots

In December 2020 we began to discuss the long-term handover architecture of the Openreach network with Communications Providers. We highlighted the opportunity for Openreach to exit exchanges that will no longer be needed to support FTTP, FTTC or Ethernet services. We set out an ambition to exit 100 exchange buildings by December 2030, and a large majority of the remaining 4,500 non-handover exchanges in the early 2030s. By exiting exchanges, we see an opportunity for Openreach and CPs to consolidate infrastructure, reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

Several respondents to the ‘Exchange Footprint’ consultation suggested that it will be challenging to exit 100 exchanges by 2030. We agree. To address this we plan to run a series of pilots.

A key priority for Openreach is to ensure that all customers are migrated safely and with minimal disruption. The pilots will help us develop and test the processes that we need to achieve this.

The objectives for this ‘Exchange Exit Pilots’ consultation are to engage with our CPs, their third-party integrators (TPIs) and resellers as appropriate, and wider stakeholders including industry associations and Special Service providers, in order to collect feedback and comment on the operational enablers, processes and notification periods to facilitate exchange exit.

CPs and interested parties  are invited to respond to the proposals laid out in this consultation by 21 January 2022.

Exchange footprint consultation documents

The objectives of this consultation are to set out Openreach's initial thinking on how our exchange footprint should evolve over the next 20+ years, and to provide a basis for discussion and input from Communications Providers (CPs). We invite CPs to help us (i) refine the end-state vision, and (ii) determine how we move towards it. The consultation was launched on Thursday 3 December 2020, and we ask CPs to submit responses by Friday 26 February 2021.