Ethernet Cablelink

13 Jun 2022

Ethernet Cablelink

Ethernet Cablelink is a length of fibre cable that lets you connect a licensed facility within an exchange either internally to another licensed facility, or externally to your network. You can use it to connect equipment installed in different licensed areas in the same exchange or you can use it to connect equipment in a licensed facility to either new or existing external fibre connections.

How it works

Ethernet Cablelink is a simple cable connection, which lets you connect a licensed facility to your own network or to non-adjacent licensed facilities within the same site. It’s used for a number of purposes including backhaul connectivity, FTTx scale build and 5G network growth. 

We offer Internal, External and Cell Sites Cablelink. 

  • Internal Cablelink: we install internal grade multi-fibre cable within the exchange. The internal cables can be 12, 24 or 48 fibres and are either left coiled (not connected) or spliced to a 12 port patch panel at one or both ends. Patch panels are optional and are ordered in multiples of 12 fibres and are charged per patch panel.
  • External Cablelink: we can pull in either a single 24, 48, 96, 144 or 288 fibre external grade cable from the point of handover (the “Openreach handover box”) to the exchange cable chamber. This is spliced to a 12, 24, 48, 96 or 144 fibre internal cable, according to your requirements (or in multiples of 12 fibres if you order patch panels), which we’ll route to your licensed facility in the exchange.
  • Cell Sites Cablelink: offers installation of a  24 fibre cable from your licensed facility within the exchange building to an external Cell Site located on the rooftop or within the curtilage of the same exchange building. 


  • Cablelink uses direct fibre connectivity within the exchange – so you don’t need extra space.
  • Cablelink provides flexible connectivity options that include a choice of cable sizes, quantifiable splicing requirements and the option to request patch panel installation. 


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