Optical Spectrum Access (OSA)

10 Jun 2022

Optical Spectrum Access (OSA)

OSA is a flexible, cost-effective way to move very large amounts of data between two sites. A dedicated optical fibre link means a secure, always-on connection. 

How it works

OSA relies on a signalling technique called wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). This is an efficient way to send more than one signal along an optical bearer (the fibre optic cables and equipment along the signal’s path).

Multiplexing gives each optical signal its own wavelength (or frequency), then combines these signals to send them to their destination at the same time. At the end of the path, the networking equipment separates out these wavelengths – or de-multiplexes them – before processing the data.

We can then configure these different wavelengths to support different protocols and carry different data – or even give you direct access to the fibres to configure yourself with OSA filter connect. 

Use it to offer premium services to your customers from cloud applications to next-gen data centres and ultra-fast file transfers. 

OSA Filter Connect

OSA Filter Connect gives you direct access to the optical path. That means you can connect your own dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) equipment using the spare filter ports. We need to manage at least one wavelength (though we can do more if you need).

This gives you the best of both worlds: we’ll look after the fibre and manage the wavelengths, and you can develop your own services over the spare channels.

There are some restrictions: you can’t use OSA to build, extend or replicate core networks. Find out more here.


Here are some of the reasons why OSA could work for you: 

  • fast set-up – our shortest DWDM lead times
  • low risk – we offer an entry-level 1U chassis option with a minimal footprint
  • customisable – multiple wavelength, chassis and interface options
  • dedicated fibre – low latency, and great for data security and service quality
  • expert design – planned to your brief and built with ADVA optical networking expertise
  • direct fibre access – tailor and manage how you use the optical path with Filter Connect.

Our suppliers 

We work with ADVA to deliver OSA. One of the market leaders, they supply the hardware that powers OSA. This includes the FSP 3000, which is a scalable WDM transport solution. We also use the XG210 which, with its accurate timing, is popular for mobile applications that need precision timing signals.

Products: FSP 3000 scalable optical transport, FSP 150 packet edge aggregation

Data sheets: FSP 150CC-XG210 data sheet

Innovation: Timing and synchronisation, network security, big data transport

Press releases: ADVA press room

“ADVA supported solutions can meet the needs of different market sectors. This includes low-latency connectivity for trading houses and investment banks, transmission security for government projects and highest service availability for healthcare and financial sectors. Coupled with our Ethernet aggregation devices capable of delivering precise timing protocols, it’s the perfect launch pad for the latest 5G infrastructure build-outs.” 

Rob Kennedy, vice president sales, ADVA

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