Wholesale digital access ISDN30

Offer your own-branded phone services over our primary-rate digital network with Wholesale Line Rental (WLR3) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN30). We provide, maintain and repair the ISDN30 lines while you set the prices and bill your customers directly. 

You can choose from two product types: 

• ISDN30e ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute 

• ISDN30 DASS – Digital Access Signalling System.

Both let you carry calls using our network and carrier pre select/indirect access networks


• Secure, dedicated high-bandwidth connectivity which is similar to a private circuit.

• Resilience options are available to keep your customers connected. 

• Flexible number configurations help you manage your customers’ calls efficiently.

• A full range of calling and network features, including debt management and fraud services.

• Common signalling standards mean you can use ISDN30 to extend private circuits.

• Transmit voice, data, text and applications like video-telephony all in one circuit, which helps improve efficiency.

• It’s easy to upgrade from ISDN2 to enhance your existing ISDN service, and get extra functionality.


Prices for Wholesale Access, Wholesale Digital Access, Wholesale ISDN30, Wholesale Calling and Network Features and including WLR Maintenance options.

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