Number portability

27 Nov 2021

This lets your customers keep their phone number when they switch to you from another communications provider or network operator. You can either use the pan-industry number port process or the reduced lead time number transfer process – this means you won’t need to change the way you bill your customers.


How it works

Number portability is managed by BT Enterprise, part of our parent company BT plc. So you’ll need to contact your BT Enterprise commercial manager to set this up. You’ll also need to sign an agreement with your customer’s original communications provider to be able to route the calls. You can find details of this in condition B3 of the General Conditions of Entitlement.


• Your new customers get to keep their existing phone numbers.

• Switching to you is hassle free.

• Works whether the number is within the Openreach network (e.g. using our wholesale line rental or WLR service) or another provider’s network (e.g. Virgin Media). 


The Service Products portfolio consists of a range of products and services that are applicable across WLR, LLU, Ethernet and NGA. The portfolio includes Common Portfolio Products, Number Portability, Events and Exhibitions Day Rate Charges, Novation Charges, Project Services and Engineering services.

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