Wholesale digital access ISDN2

21 Feb 2022


Offer your own-branded phone services over our digital network with Wholesale Digital Access (WLR3) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN2e). 

We provide, maintain and repair the ISDN2e lines, while you set the prices and bill your customers directly.


How it works

We digitally transmit voice calls and data over ordinary copper phone wires. There are two options: ISDN Standard and ISDN System. Both give you the flexibility of numbering and channel configuration to meet your customers’ needs. Even in its simplest two-channel configuration (i.e. Standard), a single WLR3 ISDN2e line can integrate everything a small office or home-based business needs at the desktop – computer, phone and internet access. 

ISDN Standard and ISDN System are also both access products. That means they give you the option to carry calls via the Openreach network and carrier pre select (CPS) or indirect access networks. The calls package provider will then charge your customers for calls.


  • You can add more channels (in multiples of two) to meet your changing business needs.
  • It covers all your customers’ comms needs – so they can make phone calls while sending files or videoconferencing. Perfect for people with small office or home-based businesses.
  • Use flexible number configurations to help manage your customers’ calls efficiently.
  • Dialogue services help you understand how your customers are using your products so you can give them even better service. You can also find out which services they can get at their address, and check for and book engineer appointments.
  • You’ll get access to a full range of calling and network features, including debt management and fraud services. We can manage these at either the installation or channel level (depending on the feature).
  • You can also use WLR3 ISDN 2 as a cost-effective alternative and back-up to a private circuit, giving you extra resilience.


Prices for Wholesale Access, Wholesale Digital Access, Wholesale ISDN30, Wholesale Calling and Network Features and including WLR Maintenance options.

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