14 Mar 2022

These are the technologies we use to provide phone and broadband services over our copper network. They’re local loop unbundling (LLU) products, which let you install your own equipment in phone exchanges.

MPF – phone and broadband

MPF lets you deliver phone and broadband over copper cables. It gives a two-wire path from the network termination equipment (NTE) at your customer’s home or business to the exchange. It’s also called a “fully unbundled loop” or “classic local loop unbundling”.

At the exchange end the connection terminates at either a main distribution frame or jumper frame, where we can provide floor space, power and cooling. You can add connectivity options including internal or external tie cabling, and backhauling data from an exchange to a core network.

SMPF – broadband only

SMPF lets you offer broadband services over copper cables if another provider is handling that customer’s phone calls. It’s also called “line sharing” or “shared access to the local loop”.

SMPF gives you a two-wire path from the NTE at your customer’s home or business to the exchange, where it terminates at either a main distribution frame or jumper frame.


  • Choose your own connection and set-up options.
  • Connect premises that haven’t had a line before: homes, payphones, roadside locations, traffic controls, mobile phone transmitter sites and more.
  • Suitable for high-voltage risk sites including electricity company power stations.
  • You can provide phone services in hot zones outside power station perimeters.

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