Nuisance Calls Service

27 Nov 2021

Nuisance calls can be very upsetting for people. If your customer is getting nuisance calls, the first thing they should do is report them to you as their communications provider.

If you can’t solve the problem – and if your customer agrees – you can refer it to BT’s Nuisance Calls Service (NCS). They’ll deal with the problem and either resolve it or take it to a point where no further action is possible, as per the BT Wholesale Access conditions. The service is subject to BT’s terms and conditions, and you can find details on the process below.

The service only works on WLR3.


• Expert advice and support to you and your customers.

• Get status reports on specific cases.

• Offer a range of advice and recommendations to your customers.


Prices for Wholesale Access, Wholesale Digital Access, Wholesale ISDN30, Wholesale Calling and Network Features and including WLR Maintenance options.

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