Single Sign On (SSO)


The implementation of Single Sign On via Azure AD will improve security and CP agent experience. The implementation of Single Sign On will allow users of Openreach portal to use their own company credentials, removing the need to remember bespoke credentials previously provided by Openreach portal.  

The use of the agents own company credentials will mean the CP’s HR movers/leavers process would control access to the Portal. E.g. when a user leaves the CP, their details would be removed from the CP active directory in turn removing their access from the Openreach portal. 

Single Sign On benefits: 

Simpler Access – Agents own company credentials and password used for Openreach portal access. No longer need to remember Openreach portal bespoke credentials. 

Multiple DUNS ID control – A CP agent can have access to multiple DUNS ID’s and switch between them from dashboard page. No longer needing separate individual bespoke credentials. 

Enhanced security – Users access to the portal tied back to CP internal processes for leavers. 

Removal of contact for Passwords – Password resetting would now all be within the CP Domain, saving CPs having to contact Openreach. 

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    What is

    Single Sign On (SSO)?

    Single Sign On allows customers to manage access for their employees or contractors using their company login details.    This makes it easy for you and them to access the Openreach portal without having to remember another set of login details.
    How do I get started? We will be in touch with you to support your switchover to SSO. For most of our customers, we will manage the switchover. For some of customers who may have multiple DUNS IDs or have many users that need to be reviewed, we will be in touch to ensure everything is in place.
    What is a DUNS ID?

    The Dun & Bradstreet D U N S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. For more information, please visit Dun & Bradstreet official page.


    How do I know I need to review my users? If you have more than one DUNS ID or you have users in your organisation who use Openreach services on your behalf using their own login details or have contractors working on their behalf, then we will be in touch.
    How and When will you be contacting me We will be sending you an email which will outline the next steps.
    I want to contact someone about this?

    Have any questions? Contact us.


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    What is an Access Admin? The Access Admin is the person who would be responsible for adding users to an access package. Access admin can be the same person as a CP Admin.
    What will they do? An Access Admin will be able to give access to new users or to users who have not logged in in the last 90 days. Access Admins will also review who has access on a regular basis.
    What’s an access package?

    All Access Admins will have access to an “Access Package” – this is a web-based management console to allow them to manage access.


    How do I access my Access Package?

    You can access your organisation access package here.


    I am getting review emails. What are these? Access Admins will review on a regular basis who has access to the Openreach portal and remove them if necessary.
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    What happens to my existing login details to access the Openreach portal You will no longer need them
    What about the applications that I use? You will still have the same access once you’ve logged in.
    I use different emails to work with different DUNS ID – how will that work?

    With SSO you can be set up to access different DUNS IDs so you’ll only need one login to access all your DUNS IDs


    As a new joiner, how can I get access to the Openreach portal?

    You can request access to the access package. Once your Access Admin has approved your request, you’ll be able to access the Openreach portal.


    I haven’t logged in for the last 90 days, will I lose access? If you haven't logged in for 90 days the Access Admin controls if you lose access or not via access review.
    How do I change or reset my password? You change your password using your own organisations’ processes.
    What happens on the day I’m switched over? You’ll be able to use your company login user details to access the Openreach portal.