Statement of Requirements (SOR) Process

21 Jan 2022

Listening to our customers – change management at Openreach

We want to work with others in our industry to make things better. So if you have a suggestion for a change to a product, or an idea for a new one, use our statement of requirements (SOR) process to tell us about it. And if it’s confidential you can use our customer confidential process.

How it works

Use SOR if you want to talk to us about: 

  • changes that aren’t confidential
  • product or pricing changes 
  • system or process changes 
  • trials or proofs of concept.

If your request is something you aren’t ready to share with the rest of the industry, start with the customer confidential process (this is likely to be because it’s in the early stages of investment decisions). There’s more about this in The Commitments.


  • Your chance to suggest a new product, or ask for an improvement to an existing one.  
  • Both processes follow all legal and regulatory requirements, and are fair and reliable – we never favour one communications provider over another. 
  • There’s an online tool which will help you through the process, from sending in your request right through to its review by our SOR & C2M (concept to market) governance board.

Help and support

You can find information about using this site, advice on services and help with your account on our help and support pages.

Industry information

Are you interested in having a say in how the industry meets its customers’ needs? You can find out more about getting involved on our industry forum pages. 

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