Service level Commitments

27 Nov 2021

Service level commitments: SLAs and SLGs

Service level agreements (SLAs) set out the terms we commit to when we deliver and repair services. And service level guarantees (SLGs) tell you how much compensation we’ll give you if we don’t do what we’ve agreed in an SLA and it’s our fault. They’re part of our commercial contracts.

How it works

Standard SLGs: if we fall short of the SLA terms for our services, we’ll pay standard SLGs to all our customers. 

Automatic compensation SLGs: we’ll pay these to you if you’ve registered with us and offer compensation to your customers as part of Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice scheme. 

We’ll credit you if we don’t meet our SLAs, including if we provide services late, miss deadlines for repairs or don’t turn up for appointments.

You’ll find full details of each product’s SLAs and SLGs in their terms and conditions.


We offer two types of SLG:

proactive SLGs: we’ll automatically pay compensation if we don’t meet our commitments and it’s our fault. You don’t need to do anything to claim

reactive SLGs: you’ll need to make a claim yourself – we don’t pay reactive SLGs automatically. We explain more in the contracts and documents.

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