Ethernet Data centres

22 Dec 2021

Ethernet into data centres

New and expanding data centres need reliable fibre connections. Tell us as soon as you can if you need a fibre run, and we’ll get things in place before you’re up and running. 

We have existing duct and fibre at the majority of data centres. This means most orders are “category one”, with an estimated lead time of 10 working days from placing an order to having a working circuit. And you won’t have to pay any excess construction charges.


How to get Ethernet and Optical Spectrum Services into a data centre

If you're planning to build or expand a data centre and want an Ethernet or Optical Spectrum Services connection, please email us. You'll need to include:

  • details of your plans i.e. new build or expansion
  • data centre size
  • a summary of your business model
  • the site address and postcode
  • your planned start and end dates for the build.

We’re happy to get involved at every stage, whether that’s design and planning, building, running a site or expanding it.


Our Ethernet and Optical Spectrum Services data centre products deliver multiple high-bandwidth connections from one centre to either another centre or your customer. They use a reliable fibre network, and resilience options are available for all products.


Data centre products

Our most popular data centre products are:

  • Ethernet Access Direct (EAD): Connects your customers’ sites to data centres, or network access points to data centres
  • Optical Spectrum Extended Access (OSEA) and Optical Spectrum Access (OSA): From the Optical Spectrum Services portfolio, OSEA and OSA deliver multiple high bandwidth services, supporting a wide range of service protocols (e.g. Fibre Channel) into a datacentre over a single fibre path. Filter Connect options allow for direct access to the optical filters to create your own services. Also used for resilient services between data centres.


Please refer to individual product pages for prices

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