Mobile Infill Infrastructure Solution

27 Nov 2021

Mobile Infill Infrastructure Solution (MiiS)

Improve local mobile coverage by adding coverage to small 3G and 4G blackspots. We place micro radio cells on poles and connect them to new street cabinets.

MiiS is available to mobile network operators and communications providers with a licence to use the mobile spectrum.

How it works

  • Choose an existing Openreach pole from the options we give you.
  • We'll mount our own radio antenna on the pole, then you pick from 696MHz to 960MHz, or 1710MHz to 2690MHz.
  • We install our own powered street cabinet where you can place and connect your radio equipment. You can then use our copper or fibre access circuits to move traffic between your radio equipment and your network.


  • Offer more bandwidth as pressure on 3G and 4G networks increases.
  • It’s cheaper than macro cell tower sites if you only need small pockets of coverage.
  • We manage deployment and management which saves you time and money.
  • You can fill in gaps using poles right across England, Wales and Scotland.
  • We plan, build and maintain each site – less hassle for you and your customers.

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