Customer establishment

27 Nov 2021

How to become an Openreach customer

Who we work with 

We work with communications providers – the companies that provide phone, internet and TV to their customers’ homes and businesses. 

As a communications provider, we’ll give you the same access as any other provider to the local access network – the wires and fibres that connect tens of millions of homes and businesses to their local telephone exchanges. This network is one of the UK’s most important assets.

To become one of our customers you’ll be regulated by Ofcom and you’ll need to comply with:


Getting set up to work with Openreach

If you’re a communications provider and want to use our products and services, you’ll need to go through our customer establishment process. It covers regulatory and commercial requirements, product familiarisation and connecting to our platforms. Find out more below.

To get started please email us (we won’t answer any other types of query on this address). You should also read our credit vetting policy below.

You’ll need to use the Openreach portal for day-to-day EMP (equivalence management platform) tasks like placing orders or reporting faults – and you’ll also need to use the right browser. Find out which web browsers work with the Openreach portal.

Changing your WLR3 third-party integrator 

We’ll help you change your third-party integrator (TPI) or change from a business-to-business gateway connection to a TPI. Start the process by emailing us.

If you change your TPI, we’ll charge a fixed price. We’ll add this to your bill after making the TPI change. 

Changing TPI process