ETH038/22 Launch of new Optical Spectrum Access service options, including 100Gb Wavelength Card, 9U High-Power Chassis, 36 Channel Optical Filter and changes to XG210 Filter Connect Single-Fibre Working Base-Build


 For Information

This briefing is for all Communications Providers (CPs).

To notify the launch of new products within Openreach’s OSA portfolio and advise on changes to OSA XG210 Filter Connect Single Fibre Working Base-Build.

Openreach are announcing the launch of new Optical Spectrum Access (OSA) service options to support native 100Gb services. Openreach are also announcing changes to OSA XG210 Single Fibre Working (SFW) Filter Connect (FC) base-build which will increase capacity from 16 to 24 channels across all minimum period variants.

For OSA FSP3000, Openreach are launching:

  • ADVA’s WCC-PCN-100GB Core Channel Wavelength Card providing CPs a native 100Gb handover option at 100GE or OTU4 for the first-time on OSA;
  • ADVA’s 9U High-Power Chassis facilitating the deployment of high-bandwidth wavelength cards on a single service at higher density; and
  • ADVA’s 36CH Dual Fibre Working Optical Filter, providing a larger capacity filter option in a single form-factor. To Note: the 36CH optical filter refers to ADVA’s 40CSM filter; However, Openreach are reserving 4 channels for maintenance purposes. Hence, Openreach will refer to this product as a 36CH Optical Filter.

For OSA XG210 Single Fibre Working (SFW) Filter Connect (FC), Openreach are launching:

  • ADVA’s 8 Channel Optical Filter; a smaller form factor Optical Filter ideal for use at a high-usage nodes where space is limited.

For OSA XG210 SFW Filter Connect Base-Build:

  • Openreach are changing the default 16CH optical filter for 3, 5 and 7-year minimum period base-builds with ADVA’s 24CH optical filter, providing CPs with 8 additional wavelength channels with no change to base-build pricing.

New product launches for OSA FSP3000, OSA XG210 SFW Filter Connect and changes to OSA XG210 SFW Filter Connect Base-Build will become effective 5th September 2022. We will accept requests for pre-order Optical designs from Monday 29th August 2022, with an updated OREF published on the Openreach Portal.

From 05 September 2022, all new product launches – alongside changes to XG210 SFW Filter Connect Base-Build will be available to order.

ADVA’s 100G wavelength card (WCC-PCN-100GB), 36CH optical filter, 9U High Power chassis will all be available on a 1-year minimum period. For OSA XG210 SFW Filter Connect Base-Build, 3, 5 and 7-year minimum period variants will continue to be available, with no change to pricing.


This briefing supports Access Charge Change Notice: ACCN OR797 available from

The updated OSA Product Description (version 4.0) is available alongside the current product description at:

The OSA FSP3000 Filter Connect pre-order design request form (OREF) and Customer Requirement Form (CRF) will be updated prior to launch.

Suppliers Information Note (SIN) 489 will be updated.

This briefing also provides 28 days notification of changes to the Connectivity Services Contract (Conditions and Schedule 1). The notified contract documentation can be found at:


1.    XG210 SFW FC Base-Build: Use of 16CH Optical Filter where fibre routes exceed >42km and where Amplification is required.

The 24CH Optical Filter cannot support fibre routes greater than 42km, or amplification. Therefore, Openreach will continue to supply the 16CH Optical Filter for XG210 SFW FC and allow customisation back to the 16CH Optical Filter for zero cost.

2.    Consumption of Openreach’s OSA Portfolio

Before being able to place orders, CPs will need to establish for Openreach’s Optical Spectrum Access (OSA) portfolio and have signed the respective contract. For more information on how your organisation can establish for Optical Spectrum Access, please contact Openreach’s Customer Establishment Team via Alternatively, please contact your Business Development Manager for more information.