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We have a wide range of Solutions covering everything from pre-provisioning for Data Centres through to support for your customer's network related requirements in their homes and business premises.

For example, our Service Based Solutions (split for simplicity into Engineering and Management Solutions below), can help you improve and even extend the services you offer to customers. They can also help you tackle business issues, take risk out of complex projects and help to deliver what you promise on time and on budget.

In a nutshell, our Service Based Solutions make our resources and expertise available to you so that you can increase the efficiency of your business and better meet the end-to-end requirements of your customers.

Engineering Solutions

Whether you need to build a bespoke network, install CPE or cope with a network disaster we can help. Engineering Solutions provide access to the unrivalled engineering expertise to carry out a range of activities beyond the Openreach core network, all on your behalf.

Management Solutions

Our own network programmes, and service centres don't manage themselves, they require the skills of a range of in-house experts. Those same people can provide your business with anything from project management and advice through to customer service support.