As part of Ofcom's Business Connectivity Market Review in April 2016, two areas were identified for deregulation. These were; the Central London Area (CLA) and the Competitive Core (CC). We called these collective areas our FlexZones.

In the BCMR Temporary Conditions Statement issued by Ofcom in November 2017, further deregulation was identified and now in addition to the CLA, BT does not have SMP in the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds; and we've added these new areas to the existing FlexZones.

Having varying degrees of regulatory freedom within the geographical boundaries of these FlexZones means we're able to offer our customers more competitive deals that could include price discounts and service enhancements.

Please refer to our Special Offers page for full details about all our offers including those in FlexZones.

Openreach continues to monitor and assess whether any further changes are needed to our commercial offering in these areas and other competitive market areas.

Central London Area (CLA) and the Central Business Districts (CBDs)

Circuits installed within the Central London Area (CLA) or the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds may be eligible for FlexZone special offers.

Eligible circuits must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Both circuit ends fall within eligible postcodes within either CLA or a CBD.
  • The end customer site is within an eligible postcode and is connected to a network node outside of these areas.
  • In the case of a backhaul circuit, the location of the remote end of the backhaul circuit is within an eligible postcode.

Click here to view the eligible CLA and CBD postcodes.

Click here to view a map of CLA and CBD as defined by Ofcom.

Competitive Core (CC)

Ofcom's Business Connectivity Market Review 2016 Statement also confirmed the deregulation of Core conveyance circuits. The list of eligible locations was also expanded by Ofcom in the recent BCMR Temporary Conditions Statement published in November 2017.

These circuits must be between any two specific deregulated TAN locations or Deregulated DC locations:

  • Deregulated Data Centre (DC) to deregulated DC
  • Trunk Access Node (TAN) Exchange to TAN exchange in a different TAN location
  • TAN Exchange to deregulated DC

Please note circuits that connect two TAN Exchanges in the same TAN location are not deregulated.

Click here to view an updated list of the specific Competitive Core location details as defined by Ofcom.

If you've got any questions about our FlexZone, please get in touch with your Openreach sales and relationship manager who'll be happy to help.

Contract Amendment

Contractual information relating to the provision of Non-SMP EAD in unregulated geographies and at unregulated bandwidths.

The document attached below is the Contract Amendment that applies to the Connectivity Services Contract for the provision of Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) in the Competitive Core, in the Central London Area and Central Business Districts and for EAD 10Gb. When the Communications Provider places an Order which is within the defined non-SMP areas or defined non-SMP bandwidth then the Connectivity Services Contract and the amended terms attached below will apply to those Orders.

Release File Name Version Size Issue date File Type
N/A Schedule 4 Contract Amendment 1.0 168 KB 29/03/2018