Ethernet Resilience

Resilience offers you and your customers, greater circuit protection between key business sites. In doing so, it provides a high degree of network certainty for critical customer applications as well as protection from unforeseen incidents.

Resilience Option 1: Configuration consists of a single circuit with two diversely routed fibre paths (i.e. primary and secondary paths) between the circuit A-end and B-end locations. Both primary and secondary paths are the same bandwidth.

If a failure occurs on a primary path, traffic will automatically switch to the secondary fibre path.

Resilience Option 2: Configuration consists of a two circuits with diversely routed fibre paths (i.e. primary and secondary paths). The circuits terminate on separate termination equipment within the building. This option allows customer to have different bandwidths and in some specific circumstances, different CPs providing connectivity.

If a failure occurs on a primary path, it’s your responsibility to manually switch the traffic to the secondary fibre path.

  • Diversity: Circuit diversity will keep the fibre paths for each route in separate cables but not necessarily in separate ducts. There is no assurance against duct failure at any point on the two routes
  • Pinch Point: Is defined as a point on the network that is shared by both fibre paths. Our Planning teams will highlight these during the planning stage allowing you and your customer to decide if this is acceptable or not

Additional details are documented in the Ethernet Resilience Product Description.

Common Benefits:

  • No single cable, equipment or node failure in the Openreach network will prevent the use of one of the two resilient circuits
  • Using a single supplier like Openreach for both your main and resilient circuits saves valuable time and frustration
  • Ensure the right solution first time by using our Planners to scope the degree of diversity achievable, on an order by order basis

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