WES Aggregation

WES Aggregation allows you to connect multiple end user access circuits to a single aggregated link for onward transfer to your own site.


The following WES Aggregation Aggregated Link products will no longer be available for new supply as from 30 September 2016. This means that new orders, circuit shifts and rearranges for the following products will not be possible after this date:

  • WES Aggregation Aggregated Link RJ45 Handover (inc. RO1)
  • WES Aggregation Aggregated Link 1Gb optical VLAN Remote Handover (inc. RO1)
  • WES Aggregation Aggregated Link 1Gb optical VLAN Local Handover

The option to order new WES Aggregation Spokes is targeted to be withdrawn from 30 June 2017 subject to formal notification. This means you can still order, until further notice;

  • New spokes to connect to existing hub sites
  • Shifts, rearranges and bandwidth upgrades (10Mbps to 100Mbps) of spokes


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