NGA2015/20 Salisbury is Openreach's first fully fibred city

12/06/2020    For Information

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Salisbury has become the first entire city in the UK to gain access to Openreach's FTTP technology

We're pleased to announce today, 12 June 2020, that Salisbury has become the first entire city in the UK to gain access to Openreach's future-proof Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology.

Our engineers have completed the fastest city-wide network build in the UK. In just under 12-months, starting in March last year and finishing in March 2020, they've made Full Fibre broadband available to more than 20,000 premises.

Our engineers used a variety of innovative tools and techniques to build the network at record-breaking speed and with minimal disruption to local businesses and residents.

In making the announcement, Openreach CEO, Clive Selley, says that this new digital platform can help the UK's economy to bounce back more quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic and that it can start right away in Salisbury.

MP John Glen also welcomes Openreach's commitment to make Salisbury one of the best-connected places in the country and he encourages people and businesses in the city to capitalise on this investment. Full fibre can boost business productivity and is also future-proofed, so will serve Salisbury well for the next wave of bandwidth hungry innovations which consumers and businesses will demand in the years ahead.

Salisbury is also Openreach's flagship pilot site for developing and testing ways to upgrade the UK's old analogue phone network to a new digital service. From December 2020, residents and businesses in premises that can order Full Fibre, will no longer be able to buy a traditional copper landline as part of a longer-term plan to close the copper-based network across the rest of the country.
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Further information about Salisbury's digital upgrade trials is available here:

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