NGA2012/20 Notice of FTTP Transition Discount Removal

28/04/2020    For Information

This briefing is for NGA Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform all CPs that Openreach are formally withdrawing the FTTP Transition Discount from 30 June 2020.

As previously communicated at the January 2020 Copper and Fibre Product and Commercial Group forum. The FTTP Transition Discount will cease on 30 June 2020 and qualifying CPs will no longer receive the discount from that date onwards.

FTTP Transition Discount only applied as follows:

Communication Provider (CP) is consuming FTTP
CP is established and consuming Fibre Voice Access (FVA)
Openreach are unable to support FVA in specific areas (ECI network)
CP by default has to use copper network to support voice, incurring additional cost
The advent of Voice over IP (VoiP) means copper reliance is now removed and Openreach are to remove Transition Discount for qualifying CPs from 30 June 2020.

This briefing supports ACCN OR644.

More information

If you've any questions about this briefing please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.