NGA2022/20 GEA-FTTP Premium Connection Launch

13/08/2020    For Information

This briefing is for all NGA Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to notify CPs about the launch prices for GEA-FTTP Premium Connection.

This is to inform CPs that Openreach is launching a new connection variant for GEA-FTTP called GEA-FTTP Premium Connection effective from 10 September 2020. Premium Connections will cover a wider choice of installation activities compared to the scope of the GEA-FTTP Standard Connections.

Openreach would like CPs to note that the launch prices have been set with reference to information gathered on the average mix of installation activities during a previous technical trial. Post launch Openreach will work with CPs to ensure that Premium connection continues to cover the right mix of activities for CPs and if the mix of activities is materially different from that shown in the technical trial, that Premium Connection is priced accordingly.

The connection pricing for GEA-FTTP Premium Connection is set at an increment of £40 to GEA-FTTP Installations, as follows:

GEA-FTTP variant

Premium Connection Price

Up to 0.5Mbit/s / 0.5Mbit/s


Up to 40Mbit/s / 10Mbit/s where GEA FTTC 40/10 is not available


Up to 40Mbit/s / 2Mbit/s, Up to 40Mbit/s / 10Mbit/s , Up to 55Mbit/s / 10Mbit/s, Up to 80Mbit/s / 20Mbit/s, Up to 110Mbit/s / 15Mbit/s, Up to 115Mbit/s / 20Mbit/s, Up to 160Mbit/s / 30Mbit/s , Up to 220Mbit/s / 20Mbit/s, Up to 220Mbit/s / 30Mbit/s, Up to 330Mbit/s / 30Mbit/s, Up to 330Mbit/s / 50Mbit/s , Up to 550Mbit/s /75Mbit/s, Up to 1000Mbit/s /115Mbit/s


Up to 500Mbit/s /165Mbit/s, Up to 1000Mbit/s /220Mbit/s


This briefing supports ACCN OR658 here

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