NGA026/19 SOGEA and SOGFast Early Market Deployment Launch Pricing

21/08/2019    For Information

This briefing is for NGA Communications Providers (CPs).

Announcing the start of the EMDL phase of the SOGEA and SOGFast products and prices for the phase. We're also announcing Special Offer price for a SOGEA New Line Provide with a Standard Managed Install.

We're pleased to announce the Early Market Deployment Launch (EMDL) phase of the SOGEA and SOGFast product launches will commence on 18 September 2019. This is the final phase of the product launches ahead of full commercial launch. EMDL is expected to last three to four months, although exit from this phase and entry into full commercial launch will be dictated by meeting required EMDL phase outcomes and quality gates.

The full suite of EMDL prices is available on the price list.

Managed Install and New Line Provide

We're pleased to announce introduction of the Standard and Premium Managed Install variants on SOGEA and SOGFast:

  • SOGEA or SOGFast Standard Managed Install £83
  • SOGEA or SOGFast Premium Managed Install £103
  • SOGEA or SOGFast New Line Provide with Standard Managed install at Premises £105
    (special offer available on SOGEA until 31 January – see below)
  • SOGEA or SOGFast New Line Provide with Premium Managed install at Premises £125

SOGEA New Line Provide with Standard Managed Install Special Offer

Additionally, we're pleased to announce a limited time Special Offer available on New Line Provide with Standard Managed Install which will be available at the reduced price of £82 until 31 January 2020. We’re launching Standard New Line Provide at this reduced price as we will not be including a New Line Provide with a Self-Install journey on SOGEA, as we do not believe providing the same Self Install experience as FTTC provides the optimal customer experience. We’ll discuss requirements with CPs in the next few weeks to identify the right install options for SOGEA.

Details can be found on the price list Special Offer page here.

The prices above with the exception of the Special Offer price, will apply from the EMDL phase until we transition into full launch, at which point final pricing will be announced. The Special Offer price will apply until 31 January 2020.

Full EMDL transaction, connection, rental and service pricing has been published - please refer to ACCN OR600.

If you've any questions about this briefing, please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.