NGA001/19 GEA-FTTC Expedites Trial

04/01/2019    For Information

This briefing is for NGA Communications Providers (CPs).

We're pleased to announce the commencement of a short-term trial on GEA-FTTC Expedited Provide orders on a UK wide basis.

The trial will commence on 1 February 2019 and last for a duration of three months, ending on the 30 April 2019.

During this period any CP that signs-up to the trial before the commencement date will be eligible to receive a discounted price (£71.00 instead of the £100.10 standard list price) on eligible GEA-FTTC Expedited Provide Orders.

Please note that there are restrictions on the volume and order types that can attract this pricing during the trial:

  1. The discounted price is available on up to a maximum of 1,000 eligible GEA-FTTC expedite orders over the trial period per CP. There is also a limit for each CP of 200 per week of eligible GEA-FTTC expedite orders that can attract the discounted pricing.
  2. The eligible GEA-FTTC order journey types that are included are:
    - A GEA-FTTC Provide - the CP has an existing WLR or MPF customer and is adding GEA-FTTC
    - SIM Provide - the CP is ordering both WLR or MPF and GEA-FTTC
    - SMPF Re-grades – the CP is ordering a re-grade from SMPF to FTTC
    Order types that are subject to Notification of Transfer obligations and consumer switching rules are not in scope for expedites.

The Expedite charge will continue to be payable in addition to the GEA-FTTC connection charge. Furthermore, the expedite process and T&C’s will not be altered, and the expedite charge only raised if the revised customer committed date is met.

Full pricing details can be found at ACCN OR571. For the avoidance of any doubt, please note that these pricing details are an option limited to the trial itself, not signalling any pricing intention on a long-term basis.

If you have any questions or wish to receive the full trial terms, please contact your Sales and Relationship Manager.