PIA023/20 Changes to the PIA Product

23/11/2020    For Information

This briefing is for all PIA Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform all PIA established CPs about enhancements we are making to the Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) product.

We’ve published a briefing for customers advising them of enhancements to the Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) product. These enhancements include providing a reporting suite which include a breakdown of Network Adjustment funds available for Notice of Intent (NoI) and Project Notice of Intent orders and providing CPs with a real-time ‘count’ of duct and structures when selecting/removing infrastructure within a NoI order. Additionally, we have provided the capability to upload evidence via API in our CVF test environment to support CP testing and integration. These enhancements are available to Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) established CPs from today, Monday 23 November 2020.