GEN059/19 Weather conditions in India

07/08/2019    Urgent

This briefing is for all Communications Providers (CPs).

Impacts of the weather conditions in India

This briefing is to provide all customers with an update on the current weather situation in India, which is impacting Openreach Customer Service Centre service levels.

Currently there is severe flooding in the Mumbai and Pune regions which is expected to continue through to next week. As a result we are experiencing mobility challenges with people unable to travel to work.

Openreach has implemented a number of contingency plans to mitigate service levels.  However, we are expecting a forecast combined PCA of 75% (percentage contacts answered) across both eChat and voice functions.

During this challenging period we will prioritise our repair and welfare channels to minimise customer impact.

We apologise for any impact this may have on your service centres. Please reach out to your Customer Experience lead for any further information required and we'll update as the situation develops.