GEN022/19 Removing visit save on simultaneous provide of WLR3 / LLU MPF and GEA-FTTC

08/03/2019    For Information

This briefing is for all Communications Providers (CPs) who consume GEA-FTTC, through the Self Install or Managed Install product.

Following an update at CFPCG in February 2019, we're informing CPs of our intention to remove visit save on Simultaneous Provide of WLR3 / LLU MPF and GEA-FTTC effective from 5 April 2019.

We've published a briefing for CPs informing them about the removal of visit save on this order type in order to provide a better overall customer experience through the reduction of Early Life Failures. Click here to read the full briefing. Please note that you'll need your Openreach portal ID and password.