GEN013/19 EiVA Chatbot Proof of Concept

19/02/2019    For Information

This briefing is for all Communications Providers.

To inform CPs that we're developing a chatbot which will initially be able to provide basic job updates and perform simple transactional tasks, such as amending appointment dates and times. This briefing also invites CPs to participate in the proof of concept.

This wording will appear in front of the log in. Please replace the dots at the end of the first line with a brief description of your briefing. We will add a link to the full briefing where it says 'click here' once briefing number has been allocated and the full briefing has been loaded onto

We are developing a chatbot that will ultimately be integrated into our eChat platform and will action simple requests immediately or direct users to the right location to be dealt with. We're giving CPs the opportunity to participate in a proof of concept ahead of an expected trial and roll-out.