GEN010/21 SML4 price increase

28/01/2021    For Information

This briefing is for Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform CPs about a price increase on Service Maintenance Level 4 (SML4) across all WLR, LLU and NGA products. 

Openreach would like to notify CPs of an increase to Service Maintenance Level 4 (SML4) pricing across WLR, LLU and NGA products effective 1 May 2021.


This price increase is being implemented with a 90-day notification following discussion with Industry at the Copper and Fibre Products Commercial Group (CFPCG) in July and August 2020. As communicated to CPs at the CFPCG, this will be the second of two increases to SML4 prices, the first having been implemented on 1 January 2021. 

This briefing supports ACCN OR689.

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If you've any questions about this briefing, please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.