ETH050/19 Withdrawal of OSA Service Cabinet option

22/07/2019    For Information

This briefing is for Ethernet Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform all CPs about the withdrawal from new supply of OSA Service Cabinets. This is an optional add-on component currently available on our Optical Spectrum Access product.

We are removing from sale an old industry standard equipment cabinet that remains part of the OSA product offering. Modern versions of these cabinets are widely available to customers from various suppliers.

Openreach have not had any sales of these OSA cabinets in over four years.

This briefing is to make you aware that after the 21 October 2019, 90 days after this briefing, these products will no longer be available for purchase. Reference to them will be removed from Openreach documentation accordingly.

Impacted product

The products that no longer have an installed base and will be removed are:

•   OSA Cabinet                  Standard rack cabinets available as an OSA optional item,

last sold in 2015.


This briefing supports ACCN OR593.


The notified updated OSA Product description (version 3.4) is available here

More information

If you've any questions about this briefing please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.