ETH038/19 Street Access 1Gbps Access Product Trial Phase 2

17/06/2019    For Information

Ethernet Communications Providers (CPs)

This briefing is to inform CPs that Openreach will begin CP Trial Phase 2 for the 1Gbps Street Access Product from 01 August 2019.

We're pleased to announce that we intend to begin Trial Phase 2 for the 1Gbps Street Access Product from 01 August 2019.


Building on the services provided in the Phase 1 of the Trial, the Phase 2 Trial product will also include:


  • Phase Synchronisation (‘SyncE’ + PTP 1588v2 T-BC) enabled and activated on each service
  • Improved order management capabilities

The product provides 1Gbps point to point Ethernet connectivity with synchronous Ethernet capability using small, ruggedised Network Terminating Equipment (NTE) accommodated in street furniture locations - such as lamp posts and street cabinets, served via a dedicated, single-fibre path from a headend NTE located in a local BT Exchange or a CPs Point of Presence (PoP).

The Trial Phase 2 will test the technology solution, prove operational processes and assess the commercial viability of the product as an extension of the Street Access 1Gbps Trial Phase 1.

The Trial Phase 2 product will be available nationally and limited to a maximum of 500 circuits in total. Circuits will be provided to CPs on a first come first served basis.

Trial Phase 2 Product Pricing (effective 01 August 2019)


Connection (£) Exc. VAT

Annual Rental (£) Exc. VAT

Initial Circuit



Subsequent Circuit (7 maximum per Headend NTE)



Note: Each Headend NTE can accommodate a maximum on 8 circuits

Further Information

Trial Phase 2 circuits will be sold on a 12 month Minimum Period commitment. We reserve the right to cease the trial circuits after the 12 month Minimum Period has elapsed or migrate the circuit to an alternative product (if available).

Please note that bandwidth upgrades from the Street Access 100Mbps product are not permitted in the trial.

The trial product provision lead-time is 57 working days (subject to survey).

Repair SLAs/SLGs will not be applicable to the trial product.

Technical information about the trial product will be published in a STIN document at a later stage; a briefing including a link to the STIN document will be published in due course.

The original trial briefing can be found here.

For further information please contact your Openreach sales and relationship manager or