ETH021/20 Update: Waiver for EAD 100Mb and 1Gb special offer

22/05/2020    For Information

This briefing is for Ethernet Communications Providers (CPs) and is an update to Ethernet briefing ETH020/20

This briefing is to update the commencement date following an Ofcom waiver associated with an Openreach special offer to defer service for EAD 100Mb and 1Gb products for up to 90 days.

Openreach announced, on 11 May 2020, a special offer to provide CPs the option to defer service for EAD 100Mb and 1Gb products for up to 90 calendar days. During this period the CP will not be charged rental and the connection payment will be delayed until the service has been re-enabled.

The special offer would be applicable for orders completed from 9 June 2020 by CPs which had opted into the offer. Openreach confirmed that it had requested from Ofcom a waiver to the standard 28 day notification period. This has now been granted and on 21 May 2020, Ofcom published a statement consenting to Openreach waiving the notification period for the introduction of the special offer, with immediate effect.

This means that Openreach is now able to commence the special offer terms for orders completed from, and including, 21 May 2020.

Full details of the offer are included within the original briefing, available here:

We'd also like to clarify that to ensure CPs have sufficient time to test the service and ensure everything on their side is working we will disable the service on the Thursday following the CP's submission.

The Ofcom waiver can be found at

If you have any questions about this briefing, please get in touch with your business development manager who'll be happy to help.