Network in advance

27 Nov 2021

NIA lets you order off-site network infrastructure to connect a site before you order an Ethernet product from us. It’s designed for complex orders which need a lot of work to bring fibre closer to a site: once the network is in place, we can start your services when you need them. 

NIA is useful if, for example, you want us to install ducts or fibre at your site while you’re finalising the layout or arranging wayleaves. We’ll install the infrastructure up to an agreed point, which means things can be in place before you finalise the specifics.


How it works

We’ll help you manage your order from start to finish. You get:

• a member of our value added customer services (VACS) team to co-ordinate each request, offering support for the build and delivery

• regular communication with you, your customer and anyone else involved in the project

• weekly updates from the VACS team, who’ll also oversee your subsequent product order

• an extended reservation period for your fibre order as we work on the NIA build 

• co-ordination with other orders in the same wider project. 


You’ll need to order an Openreach standalone survey before you order NIA.


• Gives you flexibility by installing off-site infrastructure before you make an Ethernet order.

• Focus on the rest of your project while our VACS team helps you manage the infrastructure.

• Ideal for sites which don’t have fibre yet or are harder to connect – you can arrange the off-site infrastructure early in the project.

• Helps reduce risks to time-critical projects by getting off-site infrastructure in place first.


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