Wayleave Declaration Claim for In-Situ BT Apparatus

This form is to be completed by persons wishing to make a claim for In-Situ BT Apparatus.

Please note BT does not require a wayleave agreement where the apparatus provides service to your property only - the necessary written agreement is contained in the service contract with your Communications Provider.

Please note that the declaration should be completed by the freeholder. Declarations completed by third parties are only acceptable if the freeholder has furnished us with written confirmation of the named third party's authority to sign on the freeholders behalf.

If your land is tenanted, we will also require details of any tenant's names and properties.

Your claim will be further considered on submitting this form. If the position and status of the apparatus can be confirmed without need of a survey, we will respond soon. If we need to do a site survey to assess the apparatus eligible for an agreement, it will be commissioned as soon as possible. Please note that surveys are subject to service priorities and will be dependant on local resources.

Your Contact Details

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3. Does the BT apparatus concerned serve your property or you and your tenants properties only? *

Property and Location Information

4. Are you the freeholder of the property concerned? *

5. If you are the freeholder, was the property previously owned by a Local Authority? *

6. If yes, which Local Authority did it belong to?

7. What is the address location of the BT apparatus? *

8. Is it used as a farm or small-holding? *

9. How long have you held a legal interest in this property? (Years) *

10. Has the property ever been renamed?

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Apparatus Information

11. Select the apparatus you are claiming for

Pole with stay/strut
Joint Box/Manhole
Underground cable
House bracket/ Eye bolt / Small connection box

Land Boundary Plan

12. Please provide us with a map clearly showing the boundaries of the land you are claiming for. Applications will not be processed without a boundary plan being attached with the approximate location of the equipment marked on it. Please upload your file. *

Additional Information

13. If you are a tenant, please include your name and address of the freeholder here.

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Write your comment within 200 characters.