Customer Information Zone

Customer Information Zone

What is the Customer Information Zone?

This online resource puts news and information about us and our industry in one place. You can access it using a whole range of devices too. 

Visit it now at

Why have we created it?

Our website is packed with information, but with over 800 pages it's not always easy to jump straight to what's new. And although our regular news and briefings emails are full of relevant content, they often get lost in busy inboxes.

Various devices

Quite simply, we wanted to improve the way we communicate and help you access the things you need to know - fast. Social media tools have not been forgotten either and whatever device you use (computer, tablet or smart phone) you'll find it really easy to use.

How will it help you?

  • A single place to find news and briefings.
  • Better accessibility whatever your device.
  • More engaging with links to multimedia content.
  • Easy access to social media tools.

But don't worry, our website will still be there and formal briefings will be posted in the usual place.

Stay in the know.  Subscribe for updates through an RSS feed and keep up to date with new briefings and latest news. Take control. No need to wait for us to send you info.  Instantly access what you need, wherever you are, through your computer, tablet or smart phone. Be sociable.  Share any story easily with one click to social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Have a one-stop shop.  Everything in one place means you're just one click away from all the essential information you need. Get video on demand.  View our most recent video or click through to our own YouTube channel for more. Never miss a thing.  Upcoming roadshows, industry forum and information on Openreach meetings are all included in our online event diary.