NGA2007/17 FTTP on Demand Refreshed proposition

30/10/2017    For Action

This briefing is for NGA Communications Providers.

This briefing advises on the launch of a new pricing mechanism for GEA-FTTP on Demand that will become available for CPs on 1 February 2018. The current cost per metre approach will be replaced by a more accurate survey-based 'Term on application' quote for the set-up charge.

GEA-FTTP on Demand new pricing

The new proposal operates on the following basis:

  • The new pricing operates on 12 months minimum term. This has been reduced from 36 months.
  • In addition to the existing 330/30 Mbps, 500/165 Mbps and 1000/220 Mbps variants, customers can now order two more variants: 160/30 Mbps and 330/50 Mbps.
  • Reduced connections and rentals, which will be charged in line with standard FTTP prices.
  • Withdrawal of the distance-based charging, replaced by a FTTP on Demand build charge, established through a planning/survey phase.
  • Quotes are subject to survey. We will provide an initial, non-binding estimate of the level of build costs. Upon confirmation by the communications provider, we will proceed with the planning phase, and establish a final firm price which is valid for a period of 30 days. At this stage, if the communications provider does not want to proceed then it is liable to pay the survey and design fee of £245.14.
  • Deductions will be made on the build charge for:
  •     -    Each FTTP on Demand order in the PON build

        -    Any additional premise passed by the PON build

  • Multiple FTTP on Demand orders in a geographic cluster can be processed simultaneously:
  •     -    The build charge deduction per PON will apply for each FTTP on Demand order

        -    Provides an opportunity for the build charge to be shared by multiple end customers

The new pricing will apply to orders purchased from the 1 February 2018. Existing customers will continue to pay the old tariff until they complete their minimum period of service.

If you've any questions about this briefing please get in touch with your sales and relationship manager who'll be happy to help.

This briefing supports ACCN OR519.

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