NGA044/17 Single Order GEA (SOGEA) CP Trial Phase 3

01/12/2017    For Information

This briefing is for NGA Communications Providers (CPs)

We're pleased to confirm an additional CP Trial Phase for Single Order GEA and Single Order GFast and pricing terms

We're happy to confirm a new Single Order GEA and Single Order GFast CP Trial Phase and associated free of charge pricing (transactions and rental charges set at £0).

The new trial phase, CP Trial Phase 3, will provide a trial opportunity for both Single Order GEA and Single Order GFast products.  The trial will test the latest deployment and technology capabilities and capture learnings and customer experiences of the Fulfilment and Assurance order journeys delivered through to EMP release R3700.
The SOGEA and SOGFast trial will now extend free of connection charges for trial orders placed up to and including 30 May 2018 which will be free of rental  until 30 December 2018.

Further CP participation in the SOGEA trials is welcome.  Please contact your sales and relationship manager or for more information. Terms and conditions apply.


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