NGA042/17 GEA-FTTC - Issues with DSLAMs correctly reporting to DLM

15/11/2017    For Information

This briefing is for all NGA Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform CPs that we have a number of DSLAMs in the live network that are not properly reporting to the Openreach Dynamic Line Management (DLM) System

A specific modem/firmware combination on end customer devices which have not been approved for use on our network and have not been through our Modem Conformance Tests (MCT) is or appears to be causing an issue in the DSLAMs that means they do not correctly format the data transmitted from the DSLAM to our DLM systems. The DLM system then cannot interpret the data for all lines on that DSLAM.

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Issued by GC

The contents of this briefing are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change. 

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