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If you're at home or work and have a problem with your phone or broadband  or want to change an engineer appointment you MUST contact your service provider (the people who you pay your bill to).  They will raise the issue with us on your behalf.

If you need help for other reasons, use the links below.

To contact us about connections for New Build Homes visit:

Communications providers

CPs should log in to the portal.

Property developments

You're constructing a new property or housing development, or you're an architect working on someone's behalf, and want to understand more or make contact in relation to connecting them to our network.

At home / running a business

Find out who to contact and when or if there are any major issues with service in your area by following the links below.

Locating our network

In order to protect and avoid damage to our network find out if our network crosses your site before you start digging and let us know about your plans to start digging as soon as you can.

Altering our network

Find out what to do and who to contact if you need to move parts of the Openreach network (e.g. poles, cabinets) that lie on the edge of a property or beyond.