Management Solutions

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This subset of our Service Based Solutions gives you access to our core management expertise, allowing you to grow your business while minimising the level of risk and investment you might otherwise incur.

They can help your business enter new markets faster, take on complex projects and ultimately save money (and time taken) on up skilling your teams or employing extra staff.


Explore the areas below to find out how our team of experts could work alongside you or on your behalf.

Information downloads

Visit the Customer Information Zone for CP briefings, industry events, fact sheets, videos, case studies and other resources relating to our products, services and solutions.

Project Services

Call on the experience of our Project Management experts to oversee any network related project or programme of delivery. They'll help keep things on track by identifying and mitigating upfront risks, planning delivery steps in advance and monitoring/reporting back to you as things progress.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services is here to provide external help and guidance on a range of issues and business decisions you face. Experts across different areas are available to help you get more out of your networks or even advise on improvements to your back-end and customer facing processes.

Office Services

If you need help processing customer orders or handling faults then Office Services can help. We can also support appointing activities and outbound communication. By combining our Advisory services we can also, for example, provide an expert on the ground to troubleshoot your day-to-day service desk operations.