Wholesale Analogue Access (PSTN)

Traditional telephone lines are still a core communication medium and have a vital role to play alongside other technologies, such as mobile. Wholesale Analogue Access is available as either a single or multi-line product. Single lines come as Basic or Premium, so you can choose the service level you need. All multi-line packages are provided with the Premium service. WLR3 analogue also provides a range of management tools including dialogue services, which enable you to run pre-order checks before placing orders, and debt management tools to help with customers who may have outstanding debts.

Key benefits:

  • Use WLR3 to build and verify an order while you're talking to a customer on the phone.
  • Provide peace of mind for the homes and businesses that can’t afford to be out of touch, by offering the quality and reliability of a fixed line.
  • Choose the maintenance service option that suits you – and your customers – best.
  • Get access to a range of tools that help address issues with your customers’ lines  and keep on top of everything with fault, repair process and KCI (Keeping Customers Informed) reports.

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